Increase your home value

Here are 10 tips to increase your home’s appraisal: Spruce up the house. Appraisers say that you don’t need to deep-clean under couches and that a few dirty dishes won’t hurt your home’s value. But rats, cockroaches and that car you’ve been tinkering on might. “Things like overgrown landscaping, soiled carpeting, marks on walls — those […]

5 Future-Proofing Tips for Home Remodeling Projects

Here are five remodeling “future-proofing” tips that experts recommend. Beef up your home’s insulation – Today, there are multiple forms of insulation, many promoted as “green,” including soy-based foams, loose-fill cellulose (recycled newsprint) and denim. Go for the highest R-value (thermal resistance) — typically, the bigger the number, the better the insulation — you can afford […]

Don’t Forget Your Pre-Approval Letter

Most home buyers know they should get a mortgage pre-approval letter from a lender before they begin seriously shopping for a home. But the reasons for this advice aren’t always clear, and buyers sometimes are dismayed by the amount of paperwork involved. Here is some of the reasoning behind the advice: 1. A pre-approval letter […]


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