We have all seen television shows about how to prepare your home for selling. We have all read magazine articles and web sites that talk about this as well. Many of the suggestions are
good ones. Some are unnecessary. Here are some of ours:

Pretend you are the BUYER. Be objective if you can. Is there peeling paint on the front entrance? Are there “things” on the porch, lawn, driveway, etc. that might divert someone’s attention to the property itself? How cluttered is the house, cellar, garage? Hmmm…

Do a drive by your own home. Does it appeal to you? Does it send positivie vibes or negative vibes? Why?

You are catching on. Now what? Call a realtor. Call someone who has a good reputation. Can do by checking the area’s multiple listing system (slcmls.com which stands for St. Lawrence County Multiple Listing System) and/or by asking friends who have sold what kind of experience they have had. That realtor will prepare a free market analysis of your property showing you what has sold in the last twelve months and with what you are competing. She/he will recommend a list price. The realtor will then tell you how she/he will market your property. You should have a confident feeling about your realtor because that person is your representative to the market.

Is it possible to sell on your own? It is. Likely? Depends on many factors. Placing your property in the hands of a reputable realtor means you will get the MOST exposure possible to sell your property. Exposure is key. How that realtor advertises makes a difference. Read some of her/his ads.

LISTEN to suggestions made by your realtor. When you and the realtor work together, the result will be successful.

DO WE WANT TO BE YOUR REALTOR? ABSOLUTELY!!! We WANT you to be successful!!!! We pledge to make that happen to the best of our ability and to help you feel comfortable with our efforts along the way.

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